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7 Essentials You Need On Hand This Fall

Updated: Sep 10

Sending our kids off to school has always felt like a mixed bag of emotions...

Excited for their new relationships.

Happy for them to be learning and growing.

7 Wellness Essentials You Need This Fall

Sad that we won't be with them all day long.

Happy that we won't be with them all day long.

But this year feels different...

It feels scarier somehow.

And it all came out when I was on a coaching call with my clients today that I was feeling this trepidation about another school year.

But not because sending them to school itself felt hard.

Because I was having this feeling of impending doom.

That Just like last year, the rug was going to be ripped out from under me, and I'd have to make last minute changes, radically adjust our life, and my body was remembering the stress of ALL of it.

Lets face it...

While homeschooling was a great way to let my PANDAS child's immune system heal, it was hard on the rest of us in numerous ways.

Going back to school is a good thing for her, but it comes with it's own challenges.

The anxiety doesn't have to control me, though.

I know enough about the human body and immune system to know that the TERRAIN (aka environment of our body) has a lot more of an impact on our health outcomes than the germ itself.

So I wanted to share with you a guide I put together all about supporting your family's immune system in preparation for fall.

These are things I have on hand and ready to use, all year long.

I hope you enjoy,

You can find it HERE.

To your wellness,

Andrea Jones

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