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Are your periods normal?

Updated: Sep 24


This is one of the most common questions I get...

In fact, I get DM's almost daily asking questions like:

"My period is 8 days long... is that normal?"

"I've always had really heavy periods... but those run in my family... is that normal?"

"Everyone in my family gets headaches before their cycle... is that normal?"

And boy do I get it.

There is SO much information out there that, at least 50% of which contradicts itself.

Add to it that you've been told all of those things are normal ALL this time and it's not wonder we are all confused.

Well, i've broken down some of the most common questions I get with my private clients into a super simple, easy to use and understand quiz.

No more guessing if your period is too heavy, too crampy or too mean...

Take the free quiz here ---->

To your wellness,

Andrea Jones

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