• Andrea Jones

Aroma Freedom Technique

For as long as I can remember, I have been fighting for freedom. First, for my own, and now it is my passion to help you find yours. I am in the business of of helping others experience true physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom. You can’t have one without the other!  

I provide  nutritional counseling and consulting, inner healing work with a Aroma Freedom Technique and Sozo, spiritual direction, and Young Living essential oils education.

Experience lasting results with the power of essential oils that:

  • Clear the path to live the life that you want

  • Strengthen relationship with yourself and those around you

  • Resolve cravings (food, substances, or any other craving) Increase self confidence

  • Gain life long tools for emotional stability

My passion is facilitating a process where obstacles are removed, hope and freedom are restored, while while simultaneously empowering people with effective tools to live their lives to their fullest potential!

Aroma Freedom (AFT) is a step-by-step process designed to be learned and used by anyone who wants more freedom in their life.  It is an entirely new approach to aromatherapy, one that uses the power of pure essential oils to instantly and irresistibly shift a person's mental state, mood, and ability to take positive action. Through this process you will learn how to identify what you really want in life, what is blocking you, and how to release these blocks in a matter of minutes.  Then, you learn a daily practice to keep you on track.

Through my own healing and recovery from past stressors (some small and some not so small), I have been on the receiving end of different modalities that have enabled me to not just survive but thrive! Some of those included talk therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and inner healing prayer ministry (Sozo). 

In my experience, AFT takes the principles of EMDR and speeds up the process. The oils help to calm the limbic system so that you are able to process rather painlessly, and at a much faster speed. I also observed less fatigue after sessions than with EMDR personally. 

When I experienced my first AFT session at a retreat, I knew that was something I wanted to be able to provide for my downline members, but also for anyone who may need a little extra support- as we all do from time to time- so that we can overcome hurdles that would otherwise try to knock us down or hinder forward progress. 

AFT works wonderfully as a stand alone process, but for those who want to incorporate prayer ministry into their time, the two work really well together. 

I can tell you from my own experience with not only receiving prayer ministry (which is an amazing and essential tool) but also being a facilitator for inner healing/sozo/prayer ministry for over 4 years, adding Aroma Freedom Technique to that process has provided myself and my clients with incredibly fast and permanent changes. 

The oils needed for Aroma Freedom Technique are: Lavender, Stress Away, Frankincense, Inner Child, Release, and Believe or Transformation.

If you don't have the oils needed for this session, you may order them here. If that is not an option for you, I will send you the oils needed for a small fee. 

I specialize in dealing with trauma, grief, loss, anxiety, parenting issues, and children. 

Pricing information: 

Private AFT sessions: $60 per session

Private AFT session including Sozo prayer tools: $85 Per session

Group AFT session: This is perfect if you are wanting to grow your team, your business or ministry. Price is $20 per person for a group session. 

Packages: $275 for 5 sessions. This is perfect if you are wanting to tackle specific goals over a longer period of time and includes personal mentoring to help you overcome obstacles achieve your highest potential!

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