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Fall Coffee Creamer Recipe

We have been dairy free for several years now, and I rarely miss it thanks to all of the wonderful dairy-free alternatives on the market now. However, the ONE TIME of year that I miss it the most is in the fall winter when all the specialty coffee drinks are released... There's just something about the CREAMY and RICH taste of an egg nog or pumpkin spice latte that feels like Christmas. In spite of my efforts, I have yet to find vegan pre-made version of either of these that doesn't make me want to spit it right out (who's with me?!) 

Well, I think I may have nailed a recipe and I'm excited to share it with you!! 

Unlike store bough creamers that are full of preservatives like natural flavorings and gums, this is free of all of that. As such, it will need to be enjoyed within about 10 days (which is NOT hard to do because it is simply delicious. 

Benefits of the vitality oils used in this recipe: 

Essential oils maintain the vibrational frequency of the plant it is derived from, unlike dried herbs and spices- meaning that you get more of a therapeutic benefit from the oil than the dried spices.

Cinnamon bark stimulates the immune system,  cleanses the digestive tract, as well as your lymphatic system.

Clove supports healthy digestion, as well as the nervous system and immune system. Ginger Highly supportive of healthy digestion, cardiovascular system and nervous system. 

Essential oils are very different than synthetic flavorings that contain NO nutritional value. And let me tell you, a little tiny bit goes a VERY long way! 

If you are wanting a creamier, richer milk, then I'd recommend this Coconut cream. If you prefer it to be a little thinner, you can just go for this full fat coconut milk. I really enjoy this brand for its quality and purity and creamyness. 

You can get the oils mentioned above by adding them to your starter kit for the best value (saving 24% off! 

Once you've tried it, comment below on how you like it! 

To your wellness,

Andrea Jones

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