• Andrea Jones

Feel Like Jekyl and Hyde Before Your Cycle? Here's Why...

I've been where you are.

Feeling on top of your stuff for the first two weeks of the month.



Getting to activities on time.

Full of energy and the spice to get it on with the hubs…

And then the last two weeks of the month hit.

It’s like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.

You don’t even recognize yourself during the last half of your cycle.

You’re doing your best but it seems like it’s 100 times harder than the first half of the month and nothing seems to fix it.

Deep breathing and relaxing just isn’t cutting it, and it feels like “why even bother trying if nothing I do actually changes it?”

I get it…

It’s hard to be putting in so much effort for so little result!

Well, sis, I’m here to offer some relief.

The problem isn’t that you’re not doing enough….

The problem is that somewhere along the way, your gut brain connection broke down and you’re no longer making those happy, calm mood chemicals you need to feel SANE and energized during the last half of your cycle.

No amount of deep breathing or wishful thinking will heal that gut brain disconnect.

This can happen by:

• Pregnancy (changes the motility of the bowels, enzyme function as well as blood flow)

• Anbitiobic usage- disrupts the flora of the bowel, kills off the good and bad bacteria, leading to bad bacterial overgrowth

• Hormone replacement therapy and birth control- disrupt essential nutrients that are needed to make happy brain chemicals.

• Gut infections like Strep, SIBO, EBV

And unless you deal with the root causes, you will struggle with your mood month after month after month.

You can learn more about how to get to the root causes in our free education group, here

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