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Getting The New Year Off To a Great Start!

This Christmas snuck up on me and metaphorically slapped me upside the head. I knew it was coming... but didn't really get a chance to enjoy it until today (2 days before).

We recently completed the 3 week intensive of Reflex Integration Therapy as part of our oldest daughters PANDAS recovery. The results have been nothing short of AMAZING. When they say intensive, they mean it... 3 hours every day for 3 weeks of physical integration that helps to reset the nervous and immune system. After her first session, she was able to sit still for the duration of her school work which had NEVER happened before. She was always shifting her body weight, needing to take frequent breaks, resting her head on her arms and just in general very unfocused. We are super grateful but a little exhausted from all the driving!

Anyway, that's besides the point of this blog post, but explains why I've been MIA on this blog for a few weeks.

Back to my original post! Normally during this whole month of December, I make time to reflect on the past year, deal with any disappointments, see the areas where we have grown or achieved our goals, and pray into where my focus needs to be the next year.

I haven't really had a chance to do any of that until yesterday, but I have deliberately been setting aside time to reflect on the last year and dream about the future.

Here is how I typically practice reflecting on the past and begin to dream and hope for the future:

1. Make time...yes MAKE IT. Create an uninterrupted time where you can sit, reflect, pray. This may take an hour or it may be a continual practice. Take as long as you need to to look back over the last year.

2. Ask yourself some questions: What went well? What did you learn? What didn't work that you know not to do now? What did you focus on that paid off? What did you focus on and give your time and money to that didn't pay off? What are your goals for the coming year and what are your action steps to getting there?

3. Write out your victories. This is really important! Look at the areas where you've won, overcome some challenges or grown in the last year! I'd love to hear some of your wins in the comments <3

4. Practice gratitude. This is a big one. I can assure you, 2018 didn't go AT ALL as I expected, hoped or prayed at the beginning of the year. It was immeasurably harder than I anticipated it could be. HOWEVER, I can look back and see that God was so with us. He answered so many prayers- just in ways I didn't expect, and none of the things I feared coming to pass happened!

5. Get your dreams on for 2019. What promises or prayers are still "in process" from 2018? Don't just toss them out, grab them, and ask the Lord to expand them and breathe on them for 2019. Maybe He is asking you to simply trust him and put some things on the shelf, or maybe He simply wants to spend more time developing some of those prayers before they come to pass. Sometimes we can have emotional blocks that keep us from dreaming. When I notice that happen, I like to use Envision essential oil to help my brain get out of the way.

6. Set your goals! One of my goal is to lose 20lbs. I know a huge component of this is managing stress. For me, this looks like having regular no-kid time. As the primary caregiver of a child with special needs, you can get burned out really quickly, put your own needs last- which is never good. My goal this year is to ask for help regularly so this doesn't happen. It also means I need to meal plan and prep differently than I did last year which I'm already gearing up to do! In a nutshell, set your goal, then make sure to detail out how you you plan to get there.

7. Find accountability. Maybe that means having a friend do a whole 30 with you, maybe it means having someone go to the gym with you or make sure you're asking for help when needed. Whatever that looks like for you- make sure to have this in place .

What are some ways that you reflect about the year that has passed and dream about the year ahead? I'd love to hear in the comments!

To your wellness,


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