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Homeopathy for PANS/PANDAS

I wanted to share some updates and changes to our PANDAS/PANS protocol with those of you who have been following along. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this post for more info.

After we found out some of the underlying issues causing some significant behavioral issues with our oldest, we set out to find the treatment available. The general consensus in multiple facebook groups for parents of kiddos with these issues was that conventional treatment was not effective for the majority in the long run. My mom gut was telling me to keep looking and go a more traditional route.

We found a homeopath whose client base is primarily kids with PANS/PANDAS, autism, behavioral issues, etc, and I just knew we needed to go that route.

If you are anything like I was 7 years ago, I thought homeopathy was complete nonsense and pseudoscience....until I tried it myself, and eventually tried it with my children. I was able to heal from postpartum depression, complex grief and anxiety with homeopathy.

So what is homeopathy? I'll let you read about it here! In a nutshell, homeopathy considers the whole person, their particulars, their history of illness, their current and past symptoms, family history, etc. It is very different from conventional pharmacology because it is not based just on symptoms. The homeopath goes about looking at the whole person, from pre-birth, all the way up to now, considering things that affected the entire family (trauma), injury, exposures, illnesses, etc. She then created a treatment plan to be administered over a period of time to address all of those factors.

So far, we have been incredibly impressed with the level of healing our PANDA has experienced, and are looking forward to what the next 6 months of treatment yields!

If you are looking for a good homeopath or considering homeopathy as your course of treatment, please comment or email to be connected to a network of homeopaths who specialize in this.

To your wellness,

Andrea Jones

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