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Hormone Imbalances: A New Epidemic

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I used to think having such painful cramps that I had to crawl to the bathroom and vomit were normal. I mean, it only happened once every 3 months, so that wasn't too bad right? Feeling blue before your cycle is certainly expected, normalized, and even mocked in some instances. I mean, all it takes is a quick google search of "PMS memes" for us to get a good glimpse of the normalization of a really awful experience.

I don't know about you, but I did not feel like myself before my period. I felt almost out of my body. Like everything that was fun and light about my personality was just missing. It is MISERABLE to live 3 weeks out of your cycle dreading week 4, making plans to not talk to anyone lest you rip their head off accidentally, prepare for miserable sleep and awful cramping.

My first visit to a naturopath changed all of that. He told me that it wasn't normal to have cramping, and that we could change the PMS symptoms I was having. I nearly laughed in his face when he told me cramping wasn't normal... I mean, what did HE know?! He was a dude after all... no uterus, no voting points was my opinion at the time.

I followed his advice, and noticed changes IMMEDIATELY. No cramping... you read that right. NONE. I mean... WHAT? I thought surely that was a fluke, and didn't follow the instructions he gave me the next month and I paid for it big time. Followed his advice again, no cramping and no pms. There must be something to this, right?! Yes...

It doesn't have to be overcomplicated... some simple dietary changes, and lifestyle implementations can make a huge difference. But step one is realizing it isn't normal, and it isn't an indicator of poor health to have such severe mood swings before your cycle, insomnia, cramping, irregular cycles... those are all indicators of hormone imbalance.

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