• Andrea Jones

My Top 7 Parenting Resources

I get asked quite frequently what my favorite parenting resources are, and I’ve compiled quite a stack of parenting books over the years as we were navigating some difficult waters with our oldest.

Here are my top picks and why I love them.

1. Parenting From The Inside Out: this book is hands down probably my favorite. Daniel Segal talks about how our own experiences being parented influence our own parenting, how to nurture and heal our own parenting wounds and become more present. You can grab your copy here!

2. Loving Your Kids On Purpose: this book is super practical, but also goes after the heart of the WHY in our parenting. Why do we want immediate obedience? (spoiler- we dont 🤪). Click here to get yours.

3. Discipline That Connects With The Childs Heart: this book is also super practical and gives lots of examples. I really enjoy the principles shared as well as some of the “deep dive” content that helped me to understand myself and some of my triggers. Grab yours here.

4. The Whole Brain Child. I feel that every parent should own this book. Again, Daniel Segal does an amazing job of explaining development and how To parent from an attachment developmentally appropriate perspective. You can get it here

5. Love and Logic. I use these tools daily. Get this book.

6. The Explosive Child. This book is obviously if you have a child who struggles with regulation or can be explosive. I found it incredibly insightful and helpful for when our oldest is in a PANDAS flare. Grab yours here.

7. The Nurtured Heart Approach. I like some of the principles behind this book but I found the reward system really hard to stick to. You can get your copy here.

With each of these resources, I found little nuggets I could use that fit our family the best. I think it’s important to learn your own style of parenting, and truly believe there isnt one right way to do It!

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite parenting resources are and how they have helped you along your parenting journey!

To your wellness,

Andrea Jones

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