• Andrea Jones

The #1 contributor to your heavy, painful periods (it's not what you think!)

I've worked with hundreds of women by this point to resolve their heavy, painful periods...


And while we work on a balanced approach to resolve the problem through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, there is ONE easily overlooked contributor that not only can leave you with debilitatingly heavy periods (There is nothing quite like waking up with your sheets covered in blood to make you feel more sexy... NOT).... but can have harmful, long term reproductive consequences. Your feminine hygiene products. That's right... you heard me. Conventional tampons and pads are soaked in chemicals to prevent bacterial growth... which sounds like a good thing, unless those chemicals are sitting right up against your reproductive organs and mucus membranes.

(aka your vajayjay). Then those chemicals are absorbed right through your skin and get to work disrupting your endocrine hormones (those hormones that are responsible for healthy, normal cycles). And as if that weren't enough, many of the women I work with also have issues detoxing chemicals through their liver... which means these chemicals build up over time causing MAJOR issues... like cramping and heavy periods.

Working on your liver detox pathways is a big piece of the puzzle, but the #1 thing you need to do to get rid of your painful periods is to DITCH those harmful chemicals and replace them with a non toxic, comfortable option. Enter THINX period underwear. Here's the truth. I thought these were too good to be true. I tried them to prove that they DIDN'T work, but it turns out the joke was on me! They did work! Like... way better than I ever expected. They were cute, comfortable, highly absorbent without making me feel like I was wearing a giant diaper.

Best of all, they actually helped me get rid of the last toxic product in our home- bleached tampons and pads, and I feel good about it because it's helping the environment. Why am I sharing all of this? Because TODAY, Thinx underwear is 30% off on top of your $10 discount when you use this code. I don't want you to miss their biggest sale of the year, friend, so make sure to grab a pair (or 3) here! To your wellness, Andrea Jones

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