• Andrea Jones

The Truth About Hormonal Irritability

Have you ever felt this way too?

Summer rolls around and you think to yourself… amazing.

I get to sleep in.

The kids won’t have to be chauffeured to activities.

Life is going to feel simpler.

I’ll even get to focus on me and get this hormone situation figured out.

My irritability was just from all the stress of having to rush and get kids out the door, then rush off to work, then rush to pick them up for soccer.

It’s no wonder I was so crabby all the time…

And then summer hits…

  • You’re getting 8-9 hours of sleep.

  • Your schedule is more lax.

  • You think you’ve finally figured it out…

Until you walk down the stairs and you see your kids practically beating each other over the head with the remote as they fight AGAIN over whose turn it is to pick a show.

And all of a sudden… you’re right back at square one with irritability controlling how you behave.

Making you dread that camping trip that’s just right around the corner because the thought of being with them day in and day out just makes you feel like you want to snap.


Because it has nothing to do with your schedule or having a perfectly balanced life.

Your irritability has everything to do with the gut-brain connection which is responsible for:

  • Production B vitamins which are an essential building block to your neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine

  • Regulates estrogen levels in the body (high estrogen leads to inability to lose weight, low libido, irritability, mood swings and heavy periods)

  • Facilitates absorption of macro and micro nutrients that are necessary for balanced and happy hormones.

And when those things are out of whack, no amount of deep breathing, having a good sleep routine or self care will balance that out.

The good news for YOU is that I’ve created a simple guide to ditching irritability so you can enjoy your summer.

Do you want it?

You can grab it HERE

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