As a mother, I hate having to make unnecessary trips to the doctors office or urgent care, but sometimes need a little advice to get my family through an illness or injury.


That's where my new nurse advice subscription comes in! 


I am a Bachelor's prepared, Board Certified Pediatric Nurse and I love to provide families with the support they need to not only recover from illnesses naturally, but suppor their immune systems along the way. 


Whether it is a fever, upset tummy, or other concern, I strive to provide prompt attention while also empowering you with the tools to support your family as naturally as possible. 


This monthly subscription includes: 


  • Access to a secure, HIPPA compliant platform where you can request advice and schedule a consult call, which is included in your membership fee.
  • Access to a monthly newsletter with wellness tips and remedies to keep your family well all year long.
  • This membership includes yourself, and up to 3 additional family members.
  • You may cancel at any time.
  • I do not provide 24 hour service, so for emergency calls you would need to call appropriate emergency services. However, I do strive to return all messages within 2 hours during the day via your online portal, or over the phone if a consult is scheduled. 
  • Please feel free to message me if you have more questions about what this service covers! 


I currently provide this service for families in Oregon, Washington, Ohio and Virginia. 


Nurse Advice Monthly Subscription

  • I am a Registered Nurse with my Bachelor’s of Science in nursing. I am not a licensed physician, and therefore I cannot make medical diagnoses or prescribe medications, however I can assess, collect data, and implement detailed treatment plans to best meet your needs. I practice according to the laws of my state (Washington), the national standard and the scope of practice for nursing (

    I am accountable both to state and national bodies for the care I provide. Treatment is always individualized and based on each person’s complete mental, emotional and physical needs, with the understanding that we are mind, body and spirit. Addressing all 3 components is essential for healing.

    As an RN, I am adept at assessing, collecting data, and collaborating with the patient and their physician to create an attainable care plan that facilitates growth and healing. My in-depth knowledge of the human body combined with my understanding of disease process and comprehensive treatment modalities allows me to create detailed and individualized care plans. I will provide you with an in-depth, initial interview to get your complete physical, mental and emotional picture. I will then take this information, analyze it and work with you to create your personalized care plan. 
    I have been practicing as an RN in pediatric acute care and ICU settings for almost 12 years including 4 years as an advice nurse and 2 years in pre and post-operative settings, with my focus being on holistic modalities to facilitate your body’s ability to heal naturally. The body is designed to heal, and it is my firm belief that given the right support, it will do so
    Acknowledgement and Consent to Receive Services:
    I have read and understand the above disclosure about the coaching and consulting services provided by Andrea Jones, RN, BSN and Abundant Wellness With Andrea, LLC. I have discussed with Andrea Jones the nature of the services to be provided. I understand that Andrea Jones is not a licensed physician, and that she is operating under the guidelines and limitations of her license according to state and national standards. I understand it is my responsibility to maintain a relationship for myself/my child, with a medical doctor. I have consented to use the services offered by Andrea Jones and agree to be personally responsible for the fees of Andrea Jones in connection with the services provided to me. I understand that the fees charged are for the ample amount of time that is reserved just for the patient, as well as for my level of education and expertise, the considerable time spent in case study and analysis, as well as any recommendations and services given. As with any health practitioner, no guarantees of cure can be given. My goal is to bring deep healing to you and give you the tools you need to thrive. As long as you are willing to work with me towards that end, I will not give up in that endeavor. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be issued, at any time. If, for some reason you feel dissatisfied with my services, please speak to me personally about it, and I will attempt to correct it.

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