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"Andrea consulted with me for an AFT session around trauma release.  I found the session to be extremely effective, expedient, and gentle.  Andrea's "bedside manner" is defined by kindness.  I would recommend AFT in general, trauma release work in specific, to anyone hoping to engage in a deeper more thorough healing process.  It is gentle in approach while being remarkably effective at the same time" - Julie 

"Aroma Freedom Technique is such a unique and helpful process for identifying limiting beliefs and mindsets! 

Through my session with Andrea I was able to identify and process several negative emotions and memories that had been holding me back from reaching my goals. 

I look forward to continuing sessions and the freedom that will come with them! 

I highly recommend an Aroma Freedom Technique appointment with Andrea if you want to start breaking through the lies that have been holding you back from fulfilling your potential!" Bethany

"My Experience with AFT was nothing short of amazing. I found it very easy to let go of painful memories that I felt blocked my success. None of the normal bodily upset and drama typically found with inner healing accompanied the process. It was pretty seamless and I was actually quite impressed with how easy it was to not only find the root memories and causes of some of my issues, but also to let go of them and believe and hope for better." - Leila

"My experience with Andrea during an AFT/TMRT was one of the most profound experiences in my 49 years of living. With Andreas skills and God given guidance I was able to release emotions that I had not even realized I had been carrying for almost 40 years. Her passion to help others and connection to God helped her to unlock memories that have held me back from becoming my full potential in life. She has the ability and intuition to stay with the process until your desired goal is met. 
Life changing, don’t miss out!!!!!!"- Roxanne

"My Sozo experience facilitated by Andrea, Helped me to identify and release pressures that were framing my life. She helped me to recognize spiritual and emotional forces that had a negative influence on me, and helped me to find freedom. For me, sozo wasn't about learning new information, but about getting a better view of what I already knew- a bit like getting glasses for the first time. A clearer view lets me live with more freedom, power and love." Anonymous

"Andrea has been a supportive coach in my life since the birth of my first child over three years ago. I have relied on her advice and guidance when it comes to the health of my growing family and my own growth as a person. Through my relationship with her, I have been able to focus in on my passions and have just started a business doing work that I feel fulfilled in! On top of that, I feel better physically than I did before I started working with her, even after having another baby! I recommend coaching with Andrea to all of my friends looking for support in navigating their health needs!" - Anonymous

A few months ago I did an Aroma Freedom Technique Session with Andrea. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was in a group and online. But it was a very positive experience and Andrea created a safe place where everyone could be where they were at. I was able to be vulnerable as I chose with Andrea or the group. Andrea is so gifted at this process! She is both professional and personable, and I felt cared for and my time valued! Months later, I am still walking in the benefits of one session with Andrea! I have read through my notes several times and the truth and love I experienced in the session still ring true and help me to stay on course and believe the truth about myself. It felt very peaceful and easy to let go of old emotions. I also had several memories come up that brought healing and prompted me to forgive - things I haven’t thought about in years! It was a breakthrough for me and I’ve noticed I am less fearful and have much more freedom in being able to be myself and go after what is important to me. I want to do more sessions with Andrea! If you are wondering what its all about and if you should go for it, don’t hesitate! It’s a gift!"- C.L.

"I was skeptical of AFT, but Andrea was amazing at answering my questions and making me feel completely comfortable with the process. AFT was unlike anything else I have ever done- and the emotions and memories that came up were powerful and honestly unexpected. Using the process with the oils together allowed me to work through them- not just bury them again!  And to better understand some of the emotional blocks I had (but didn't know were there). I would recommend AFT to ANYONE, but specifically AFT with Andrea! She is amazing at explaining it, and she truly has a heart for helping others and I felt 100% comfortable with her. Even if you are skeptical or don't entirely understand how it works, TRY IT!! This was a great investment in myself and I plan to do more sessions in the future!" - Anonymous

"I have used Andrea as a resource for both my boys and myself since my first son was born over three years ago. She always takes her time in understanding my concerns whether they are health concerns, understanding testing or treatment a doctor has ordered, looking for a natural remedy for a specific issue, understanding how the body works at every level and how things are connected, and she is always educating me on the latest topic she is studying. Andrea never forces her point of view, instead she lays everything out and we have a conversation going over my questions and concerns, and then together we come up with a game plan.  If you have dealt with hormonal issues, food intolerances, food allergies, unexplained behavioral challenges with your kids, want to know more about what your doctor is telling you or even someone just to bounce natural remedy ideas off of or geek out on how the body works, I can’t recommend Andrea enough. A coaching session with Andrea will be well worth your time and investment." S. K.