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Hey there... glad you're here! I'm here to help you get rid of your painful periods, mood swings, irritability, fatigue and so much you can get back to living your life and stop being controlled by your periods. 



You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.


I am a registered nurse who has spent the majority of my career in pediatric acute care settings helping children with all kinds of diagnoses recover from major and minor illnesses. In addition to my 11 years experience working in pediatrics, I am a board certified Pediatric RN and love working with parents and their children to bring them into a better state of health. 


I am beyond grateful for the years of experience being immersed in western medicine for anything. It has shaped me into the person that I am today and I have found the skills I’ve learned have been useful in many areas of my life. However, I have learned that western medicine isn’t as all encompassing as I would like and there was a whole world of medicine that I had never heard of.


My Background

For as long as I can remember, I have been brainstorming cures for various diseases. I would often wonder if I could concoct a remedy for various ailments with honey and salt.


In 7th grade, I was voted “most likely to develop the cure for cancer out of bean paste.” I have not yet done this, but I think you get the picture. 

While my medical training was largely immersed in treating and eliminating symptoms, It was my own health issues that made me open up to the idea that maybe there were other treatment modalities out there that would compliment western medicine.


As a  Bachelor’s prepared RN, I  have spent over a decade serving diverse populations both in and out of the hospital. I began health and life coaching in order to better serve my  community by bridging the gap between the doctors visit and meeting individual health goals.

Through my own health crisis in 2011, I learned that applying an integrative approach to my own health was essential if I wanted to get better. I bring this personal experience, combined with 8+ years of research and clinical practice with clients to provide the best possible care and support for my clients.


My Approach & Philosophy

I apply a more functional approach to working with my clients because it provides the best results.

I am in the business of helping others experience true physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. I have a deep appreciation and understanding that we are mind body and spirit, and health issues need to be treated holistically. 

I provide health coaching and consulting, inner healing work with Aroma Freedom Technique and Sozo prayer when requested by clients to further assist in reaching their goals and achieve healing. 

I understand that sometimes we need support to make necessary adjustments that lead to improved physical and mental health, and I strive to provide just that. 

I have my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and am licensed both in the state of Washington, and Oregon. I am accountable to both state and federal bodies  for the care that I provide to clients both in person and on line. 

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